Vista Plastic Solutions has decades of experience in the rotational molding industry. We can help ensure the specific resins used meet your performance criteria, cosmetic call out and budget requirements. If required we can use additives to provide UV or chemical resistance, increased product strength, produce a high-quality surface finish or meet color matching needs based on our customer’s quality standards.

Vista Plastic Solutions starts the rotational molding process with our customer. From the conceptual art to the final part we work with our customers in a joint partnership. Our design and solutions approach has yielded many final part benefits over the years which is why companies continuously choose Vista Plastic Solutions

At Vista Plastics Solutions rotational molding begins by using high-quality pulverized plastics blended with additives and pigments to make the ideal resin for the intended use. The resin is placed inside the molds and slowly bi-directionally rotated on an arm in the oven of one of our many rotational molding machines. The heated resins slowly build up on the hot mold surface and can be controlled to provide a near limitless design complexity, wall thickness and detail.

After the heating cycle the molds are moved into the temperature-controlled cooling chamber until they are ready for our qualified team to demold. If specified plant floor team members utilize in house designed cooling fixtures to meet criteria call outs. Parts are then inspected, tested, trimmed, assembled if required and then shipped to our valued customers.