Vista Plastic Solutions starts the rotomolding process with their customers. We work with our customers in a joint partnership to help them decide what will best meet their needs for their final product design.

At Vista Plastics Solutions our Rotational Moulding begins by using a quality blend of pulverized plastic blended with additives and pigments to make the ideal resin for the intended use. The resin is placed inside the molds and slowly bi-directionally rotated on an arm in the oven of one of our many rotational molding machines. The resin builds slowly on the hot moulds and can be controlled to provide a near limitless design complexity and detail. This build up process also allows us limitless adjustment potential leading to better controls of resin thickness for thinner or thicker final product based on desired specifications.

The molds are moved into the cooling chamber until they are ready for our qualified team to the design. Parts are trimmed and shipped to our valued customers as ordered

Vista Plastics has the expertise and experience to customize this resin to meet the needs of our valued customers. We can help you ensure the resin used meets your criteria and meets your budget requirements. If required we can use additives to provide: UV or chemical resistance, increased product strength, produce a high quality surface finish or meet pigment needs based on quality standards.


Rotomolding is one of the strongest fabrication processes used today. It allows our customers to attain cost effective methods to create products that are complex, capable of incorporating components directly into the molded part, and of varying thicknesses and blends.